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What is the meaning of abstract tattoos?

Abstract tattoos like abstract art are one of the most sophisticated art forms. It wasn’t always very popular. Abstract tattoos like abstract art are created using a shape, form, color and line to make a whole composition. This composition does not reflect real people nor objects. Furthermore, it is an illusion of visible reality created using dots, lines, colors and shapes. An abstract tattoo represents the artist’s point of view to the world or his philosophical position.


Through differently inked lines and shapes, an abstract tattoo can cause different feelings. That is because of the colors – warm and cold. One color is joyful, yet another is gloomy. One of the most important aspects of abstract tattoos is an absence of composition: undefined colorful forms, careless strokes etc. An abstract tattoo has to be a piece of art. It has to reflect the feelings of the artist. For some inspiration, check out Jackson Pollock’s art. And of course, don’t forget to browse our carefully selected abstract tattoo gallery.

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