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What is the meaning of animal tattoos?

Since the dawn of time, animals meant a lot for people. Many ancient cultures worshiped animals as gods and goddesses. Animals provided food, clothes, transportation and even tools were made from bones and horns. Almost every animal on earth is expressed as a symbol of something. For example, a cat is the symbol of sagacity, while dog represents loyalty. Animal tattoos also have an old history – people were tattooing them since they learned how to ink.

Nowadays, animal tattoos are gaining huge popularity among the tattoo community. From simple, small paw tattoos to large pieces of different animals like dolphins or horses inked all over the body. Of course, in today’s trend of minimalistic tattoos – very realistic tattoos are not so popular as they used to be. Today, we usually find animal tattoos to be inked in minimal, abstract or watercolor styles. The most popular animals in tattoo community are – deer, bear, cat, bird.

Since almost every one of us has a cat, dog or any other pet, we usually consider them as one of our family members. Therefore, many people get their pet tattooed as a tribute (if the pet has already passed away). Since the dawn of times, animals meant a lot for the people

There is no specific body part where an animal tattoo should be placed or where it would look best. There are, however, the most popular body parts such as chest, thighs, sleeves and the back. Here, we have gathered a collection of only the most beautiful animal tattoos.

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