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Arm tattoos – the most popular tattoo placement

Arm tattoos are probably the most common among tattoo society. And of course, we are talking about the placement. The arm is a great place to ink both small and medium-sized tattoos. Also, it is a perfect choice for matching tattoos.  The arm also has its perks of being able to cover or disclosed when needed.


Arm tattoos are popular among both men and women. However, ladies usually consider getting more subtle tattoos like flowers, abstract pieces and so on. While guys prefer various patterns, symbols or large pieces that extend all over the whole arm.


If you are thinking of getting an arm tattoo(-s), you should know a few things. First, remember that if you get a tattoo below the wrist, you might not be able to comply with the requirements of some office jobs. Second, choose your arm tattoo style carefully. You should either get one large solid piece, matching tattoos on both arms or a few simple tattoos. Don’t get your arms inked with many separate and different tattoos – it just doesn’t look good.