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Back tattoos – largest part of your body to get tattooed

Back tattoos are divided into three different groups/areas: lower back, upper back, and entire back. Since the back is probably the largest solid area of the body, entire back pieces are the most expensive thus the least popular. The process of tattooing the whole back is a long and painful procedure. We do not recommend getting your whole back inked if you haven’t had any other parts of your body tattooed.


Lower back tattoos are most popular among the women. They gain huge popularity in 20’s and since then are holding on the top of the women’s tattoo placement list.  Unless specifically uncovered, lower back is a place of a body which is probably never seen in public. And that is where the whole meaning of lower back tattoos comes from – it represents the women’s attitude to herself and shows that she knows her value. It’s kind of a sign of femininity.


Upper back tattoos are probably the most popular of all back tattoos. There are no stereotypes of this placement, so both men and women can choose upper back for a tattoo. Because of the large space of your back, this is the place where you can really express yourself and your ideas. It can actually be whatever you like: a quote going from the back of your neck through the spine to the lower back; an abstract watercolor piece that is not only placed on your back but also extends to your shoulders or arms.

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