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Belly tattoos – most attractive ones

Belly tattoos are one of the most attractive tattoos for girls. Of course, there’s no restriction for guys to get that type of tattoo, but the belly is a place that usually associates with some kind of magnetism. And we are not talking about spiritual stuff. You’ve probably never seen a guy doing belly dance. Belly tattoos look best with open belly shirts – they are uncovered and they complement the beauty of the belly. However, they can be covered if needed. In fact, they will probably be covered for the most of the time because you won’t wear an open belly shirt during the winter time. Anyway, on the summer time with an awesome tattoo on your belly, you are definitely going to be “the star of the beach”.


Nevertheless, the beauty is a pain – belly is not the easiest place to get a tattoo. Prepare yourself, because it’s going to hurt. Don’t be scared but if it’s your first tattoo, we suggest getting it somewhere else. For starters, you should consider inking a small tattoo on your wrist or your forearm – that will be a fast and painless procedure. However, if you’re a tattoo pro then it’s just going to be a lot of fun! All you need to do now is to pick an idea and you are ready to go! Check out our awesome collection of belly tattoos and we’re sure that you’ll find an idea for your tattoo.

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