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Black and grey tattoos – most popular tattoos in the world

Black and grey tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos done all over the world. Well, there is actually no grey color in tattooing. In fact, it is just the shades of the black color. The tattooist uses shading and dotting as the main techniques to ink a black and grey tattoo. Therefore, these tattoos contain only black and grey colors.


Because of their variety of range, these tattoos have a huge popularity amongst all cultures and age groups. Black and grey tattoo can be inked in any size: small, large, whole body, minimal. It can also be inked in any form: a word (or a phrase), a symbol, a pattern, an object and so on. So, if you’re the type that don’t want any colors on their bodies – black and grey tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Finally – don’t forget to check out our gallery and remember to be creative!

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