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Chest tattoos – the attractive ones

Chest is an amazing place of body to get a tattoo. Usually, chest tattoos are attractive ones. They are equally popular between men and women and many people want to get their chests inked. Especially guys, because they have bigger chests, therefore, more space for a bigger tattoo. Due to its importance to your body, chest also symbolizes your pride. It is very close to your heart, so it also shows your love and commitment. It is also one of the most painful part of the bodies to get a tattoo. Furthermore, chest tattoos are easily hidden with the upper part of clothing if it’s not covering your neck.


Due to the big space (for men), you can be really creative on chest tattoo ideas. It can practically be anything. It can also cover your shoulders, neck or even connect with your back, arms or the lower part of your body. There are many ideas of chest tattoos, but the most popular are tribal, eagle, heart, roses etc. Check out our gallery of carefully selected chest tattoos and remember to always get it done in a professional tattoo shop!

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