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Geometric tattoos – from simple forms to large complex pieces

Geometric tattoos will always be a universal choice for anyone who wants a tattoo. Of course, a geometric tattoo does not mean that it only has to be a small triangle or a hexagon on your wrist. It can also be a large and complex tattoo. It can also be inked all over your back or any other part of your body.


Due to their versatility, geometric tattoos can be applied almost everywhere. If you choose to ink a small triangle, cube, circle, hexagon or any other geometric tattoo it will look good wherever on your body. That is because the human body is made up of geometric shapes. The head is a circle/oval, the torso is a trapeze, thighs are rectangles and so on. So, since your body is one big geometric shape that consists of numerous small shapes, a geometric tattoo will fit everywhere.


Triangle tattoos will look great on your knees, forearms or your chest. For massive pieces, you should choose your chest or your back. There, you will be able to ink a huge hexagon or some sophisticated geometric piece of art. Remember – always be creative and do not limit yourself just with what you will find on the internet. Our world is amazing and you can find inspiration at every turn. Just go outside and explore the infinite world of geometric shapes!