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Legs – a great space for creativity

Leg tattoos are commonly considered a more feminine type of tattoo style. But since your tattoo is going to be a great piece of art – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. However, pain is one factor that you should really pay attention to before getting your legs inked. Pain is the reason why leg tattoos are not very common among the tattoo society. Prepare for a lot of swelling and irritation during and after the process of tattooing.


However, you should not underestimate leg tattoos just because of the pain you’re going to feel while getting it done. Yes, pain is the factor that you should have in mind, but it is also a very good feeling after you’ve got a perfect leg tattoo. Just imagine what awesome things you can get on your legs! Legs are a great space to express your creativity and ideas. Legs, as well as hands, are the place where you can get a matching tattoo. It is also very popular to get huge tribal or watercolor pieces all over the leg.


If you’re a girl planning to ink your legs, you should think about getting a watercolor, abstract or a geometric tattoo. For men, we also recommend watercolor, abstract or geometric tattoos. Also, you can think about subtle tribal, traditional or black and white tattoos. Completely black tattoos look good both on men and women legs. In general, you should avoid getting primitive realistic and 3D tattoos because they look kinda out-dated. In any way, it’s up to you to choose what to ink on your body. Remember, that tattoo is going to stay on your body for a long time. Leg tattoos are not an exception, so you’d better choose the right idea!

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