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Mandala Tattoos

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Mandala tattoos are mostly common between women. The word mandala skr. मण्डल means a circle, disc, sphere and is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism. Mandala is a composition shaped of squares or circles. It also symbolizes spiritual, cosmic or psychological order.

The symbol of mandala is mostly associated with traditions of  various religious cultures. Mandala is the most widely used in hinduist and buddhist Tantra. Mandala reflects the plenitude of the universe. Even if the shape of the mandala is a triangle, square or a pentagon, it is still a centered composition. Mandala is also an auxiliary tool in meditation which is used to concentrate and transform the mind  into a harmonious scheme.

The main geometric parts of mandala tattoo is a dot (bindu), located in the centre, a circle, square, a wreath of lotus leaves and a triangle.