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Mandala – a symbol of cosmic order

Mandala tattoos gain a huge popularity in the past few years and still holds the title. The word mandala skr. मण्डल means a circle, disc, sphere. Mandala is a composition shaped of squares or circles. Hinduism uses mandala as a spiritual and ritual symbol. It also symbolizes spiritual, cosmic or psychological order and reflects the plenitude of the universe.


Buddhists and Hindus use Mandala as the main symbol in their Tantras. Even if the shape of the mandala is a triangle, square or a pentagon, it is still a centered composition. A mandala is also an auxiliary tool in meditation which is used to concentrate and transform the mind into a harmonious scheme. A dot (Bindu) is located in the center of and is the main geometric part of a mandala.


Mandala tattoos look good almost everywhere on the body. It is also considered as a unisex tattoo, so regarding the size of the mandala tattoo, it will still look great. You can choose a small version of a mandala or ink a huge piece all over your back. You don’t need to add any colors to it – it can be plain black and gray tattoo.


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