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Things you should know before getting a neck tattoo

Neck tattoos together with face and hand tattoos are often called ‘the job stoppers’. You might ask yourself if stereotypes like these still exist. The short answer is yes. A lot of tattooers might even refuse to ink on your neck if you’re not heavily tattooed. Check out what a NYC tattooer has to say about neck tattoos. Even a tiny tattoo on a neck could ruin your career.  Of course, there is no rule saying that you must be inked heavily before getting a neck tattoo. If you want to get it, you will definitely find a tattoo artist that will do it for you.


However, if you have a lot of tattoos on your body and you are ready to get to the next level, neck tattoos are a perfect choice. It is the place where your eyes will go first when you look at the person. A great neck tattoo will attract a lot of looks and will strengthen your personality.


Neck tattoo can circle all around your entire neck and cover it completely. It can be only on the left side of your neck, or on both of them. It can also be a small or minimal tattoo on one side of your neck. You may also consider getting a big piece extending on your shoulders, back or the chest. Using our collection of neck tattoos and your creativity you will surely generate an idea for a perfect neck tattoo. Good luck!