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Quote tattoos are popular amongst both men and women because of their simplicity. It can actually be applied on almost every part of your body. Also, they are very suitable for those who doesn’t want a colorful or a big size tattoo all over their body. However, it doesn’t mean that quote tattoo necessarily has to be of a small size. If you decided to ink a whole sentence, it will probably require a lot more space than just one or two words. The great news are that it all depends on the size and the type of the tattoo font that you will be using. This is also the most important part of getting a quote tattoo. Always look for a nice font before getting a tattoo, otherwise you will end up by telling your tattoo artist to use a random font and that will be your biggest mistake. Check out different font styles on your local tattoo shop and don’t forget to take a look on our huge quote tattoo collection.