Back tattoos – beautiful back tattoo ideas for both men and women

Back tattoos – a great way to express yourself

Back tattoos are a great way to express yourself. It is the biggest empty space on your body, so there you can get as creative as possible. Back is usually tattooed when a person has a few tattoos. That’s because it is considered as a pretty painful place to get a tattoo.

Back tattoos are divided into three main areas: lower back, upper back, and entire back. Since the back is probably the largest solid area of the body, entire back pieces are the most expensive thus the least popular. The process of tattooing the whole back is a long and painful procedure. We do not recommend getting your whole back inked if you haven’t had any other parts of your body tattooed.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to ink the whole back. Sure, it looks awesome, but a beautiful tattoo design positioned on lower or upper back can look as amazing as the whole back tattoo.

Lower back tattoos

Lower back tattoos are most popular among the women. They gain huge popularity in the year of 2000 and since then, they are holding on the top of the women’s tattoo placement list.  Unless specifically uncovered, lower back is a place of a body which is probably never seen in public. And that is where the whole meaning of lower back tattoos comes from. They represent the women’s attitude to herself and shows that she knows her value. You can look to it as a sign of femininity. There are lots of tattoo ideas you can use on the lower back. The most popular ones, though, are flower tattoos and tribal tattoos. Of course, you should always decide based on your taste.

Upper back tattoos

Upper back tattoos are probably the most popular of all back tattoos. There are no stereotypes of this placement, so both men and women can choose upper back for a tattoo. Because of the large space of your back, this is the place where you can really express yourself and your ideas. Another cool thing about the upper back is that you can extend the tattoo over the shoulders, neck, sleeve, arms or even chest. Of course, a piece that extends over the whole body will definitely cost you more than a simple small tattoo on the upper back. But it is just great to have this opportunity, right?

A great back tattoo can actually be whatever you like: a quote going from the back of your neck through the spine to the lower back; an abstract watercolor piece that is not only placed on your back but also extends to your shoulders or arms.

Check out our collection of beautiful back tattoos ↓

Black mandala tattoo on upper back by lisa black sails

Flower tattoo on upper back by olga nekrasova

Abstract tattoo on back by ugurozduran

Mandala tattoo on back

Flower tattoo on the back of the shoulder by olga nekrasova

Triangle tattoo on upper back by teti malik

Geometric mandala tattoo on back by nathan mould

Abstract jellyfish tattoo on the back

Back tattoo by corey divine

Abstract flower tattoo on back

Wonderful back tattoo by dylan weber

World map tattoo on the back

Back tattoos

Blue floral mandala tattoo on the back

Moon Phases Back Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo On The back

Huge Mandala Tattoo On The Back

Beautiful flower tattoo on back

Dotwork tattoo on back

Amazing black mandala tattoo on back

Back tattoos – beautiful back tattoo ideas for both men and women
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