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Minimal tattoos – a hype that has changed the world of tattooing

Minimal tattoos have been quite a trend in the past few years. Because of the growing popularity of the simple life, minimal tattoos gain a huge popularity among minimalists but later spread to tattoo community. Today a minimal tattoo is something that almost everyone can have. Even your grandpa. That’s because of the simplicity and subtlety of minimalist tattoos. As minimalism itself, a minimal tattoo should represent one’s philosophy of life.


But if you’re just a person, that wants to get a tattoo but doesn’t want it to be a huge traditional piece, you should also consider getting a minimal tattoo. Another cool thing about minimalistic tattoos is that you don’t have to commit. They are so neutral that probably no one is going to say anything about them. If you have old-fashioned parents this is a very important factor.


In a way, minimal tattoos have changed the world of tattooing. People who didn’t like traditional tattoos wanted something different so they started to create minimal tattoo art. You can still hear a lot of old school tattoo artist’s saying that minimal tattoos are not tattoos at all. We’re not here to say what is what, because in the end – it doesn’t really matter.

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