Thigh tattoos – 30 most beautiful thigh tattoo designs

Thigh tattoos – a perfect choice for girls

Thigh tattoos are mostly loved by girls due to its placement. They are often associated with flirting. That’s why every girl, who wants to look more attractive should consider getting her thigh or thighs tattooed. Men also often get their thighs inked. Despite whether you’re a man or a woman, you should know a few things before inking your thighs.

The first thing that you should keep in mind before getting any tattoo – be creative. Thighs as any other part of your body are a wonderful place and they deserve a beautiful art on them. Do yourself a favor and avoid primitive tattoo designs. Check out our gallery below for awesome thigh tattoos. Don’t forget to collect them in one folder and show them to your tattoo artist.

Thigh tattoos – things to know before getting one

You are probably thinking about getting a thigh tattoo because of the placement. You want it to be seen. That’s great because it’s a beautiful place to show it. But remember that you will have your thighs covered for the most of the time. That is the truth. Thigh tattoos will only be seen in short dress, shorts or bikini. So that means you have less than 6 months to showcase your thighs. Unless you live in a region where the sun is always shining and the temperatures are high all the year.

Since you are going to show your thighs for a short period of time, carefully select your thigh tattoo design. You definitely don’t want a bad tattoo to ruin your beautiful thighs. Spend a decent amount of time picking a great tattoo design. Search through dozens of tattoo galleries, collect your ideas and then show them to your tattooist. Be creative and don’t just copy. Ask your artist to create a unique design from your collected ideas. In that way, you’ll be sure that your thighs are unique.

What kind of tattoo should I get on a thigh?

It depends on a few things. First of all – if whether you’re a girl or a guy. Women usually choose subtle tattoo designs like a flower or watercolor tattoos to get inked on their thighs. While men, mostly choose more traditional designs. That includes various classic tattoos like a lighthouse, roses, hourglass and so on. Secondly – whether you want a big tattoo or a small one. If you want a huge piece, you should consider using more colors and inking something really special. However, if you just want a small thigh tattoo, then you could only use just a  plain white and grey tattoo style.

Another cool thing about thigh tattoos is that there are two of them. For a person who doesn’t have many tattoos, that probably means nothing. But for a true tattoo fanatic, it means that he or she can get a matching tattoo. Here, you can get as creative as possible. On both thighs, you can get same tattoos like your children names, flowers, geometric forms, patterns and so on.

The thigh is a beautiful place to get a tattoo, so you should use your creativity. Don’t just settle for the examples you find on the web. If you can draw – make some sketches and show them to your tattooist. Before inking, ask him or her to draw some sketches for you if you can’t draw yourself. Show him the ideas that you have found on the net. Together with the artist, you will decide what kind of tattoo is the best for you.

Watercolor thigh tattoo by minervas linda

Thigh tattoo by kaiyu huang

Floral tattoo on left thigh

Girls face tattoo on thigh

Dog tattoo on thigh by sasha unisex

Cat tattoos on thighs by alisa tesla

Black mandala tattoo on thigh

Thigh tattoo by by fasan on iron ink in oslo norway

Thigh tattoo by ottorino dambra

Subtle flower tattoo on a thigh

Thigh tattoos

Cool thigh tattoos by roman mateutsa

Abstract hip and thigh tattoo delphine noiztoy

Beautiful tattoo on thigh by emiltattu

Flower tattoo on thigh by alice carrier

Time is what we make of it thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoo by kirk jones

Thigh tattoo by david cote

Thigh tattoo by sacha masiuk

Floral thigh tattoo by ivan androsov

Lion tattoo on thigh by vladimir islaev

Thigh tattoo by clint steele

Deer tattoo on thigh

Subtle flower tattoo on thigh

Black tattoo on thigh by nikolai tereschenko

Mandalas on both thighs

Beautiful roses on thigh

Deer tattoo on the left thigh

Classy floral thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoos – 30 most beautiful thigh tattoo designs
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