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Traditional tattoos – the beginning of modern tattoo history

Traditional tattoos are probably the most popular tattoo style in the US. This is the style of tattooing that has been on for more than 70 years. And today it’s popularity still rises. Traditional or old school ink history began in WWII when young men were pulled into the seas. They didn’t know if they will make it so tattooing became a way to remember and to believe.


Later, traditional tattoos became very popular among gangs, criminals, and other people who didn’t want to move up in society. That was somewhere in between 50’s and 60’s. By the 70’s, traditional tattooing spread into the wide society and became a part of the modern American culture. Apart from American traditional tattoos, there are other traditional styles. Tattooing in Japan is thought to extend back approximately in 10,000 BC.


Today, the traditional ink has become popular among various age and social groups. However, the stereotype of tattoos is still out there. So if you’re thinking about the corporate career, avoid traditional tattoos on the visible parts of your body. Check out our gallery of amazing traditional tattoos.

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