Watercolor tattoos – 25 most beautiful watercolor tattoo designs

Watercolor tattoos – beautiful choice for a colorful tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are a pretty new thing in the tattoo world. Though they have been popular around for at least 4 or 5 years now it is still a huge trend. And that’s because watercolor tattoos are something that anyone can have. They look good both on men and women. They can be simple and small or huge and sophisticated going all over your body. However, like any other tattoo, a watercolor tattoo should be something unique and mean something to you.

Unlike the traditional colorful tattoos, watercolor tattoos usually consist of the rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Also, black color is being used widely in watercolor tattoos. Watercolor tattoos usually depict abstract things. But you will see below, how cool can a real object look in watercolor.

Tiny watercolor bats tattoo sol art

Watercolor tattoos can be small like these gorgeous bats by tattooist sol art ↑.

Watercolor thigh tattoo by minervas linda

Or they can be large, going all over your thigh, like in this design by Minervas Linda ↑.

Watercolor whale tattoo by jenia kniazeva

As you can see, watercolor tattoos can be both abstract and real. But usually, even if they depict real objects, they still look more abstract. Like in this beautiful whale tattoo by Jenia Kniazeva ↑.

Watercolor lion tattoo by knyazeva tattoo

Another beautiful watercolor tattoo example – a lion head, filled with flowers by Jenia Kniazeva ↑.

Watercolor jellyfish tattoo by olga volta

A beautiful watercolor jellyfish tattoo on calf inked by Olga Volta ↑.

Abstract watercolor tattoo by brandon flores

Captain America inked in watercolor style by tattoo artist Brandon Flores ↑.

Which is the best part of the body for a watercolor tattoo?

In tattoo world, there are no rules on where you should put your watercolor or any other type of tattoo. Although, for guys, it would look really nice on the upper back, forearm, sleeve or chest. For the girls, the most beautiful place for a watercolor tattoo would probably be the thigh. Another great place for the girls to get a watercolor tattoo is on both ribs. Both for men and women, a watercolor tattoo will look great on the calf, forearm, shoulder or sleeve.

Watercolor tattoos

A beautiful example of watercolor tattoo for girls – a flamingo, inked all over the thigh and calf ↑.

Watercolor boat tattoo by aleksandra katsan

A watercolor boat tattoo is tattooed on the calf by Aleksandra Katsan ↑.

Watercolor eye tattoo by magdalena bujak

Upper back is a nice place to get a watercolor tattoo both for guys and girls. Tattoo by Magdalena Bujak ↑.

Watercolor origami birds tattoo

Beautiful watercolor origami birds tattoo idea for the girls. Inked on the sleeve ↑.

Watercolor sacred geometry tattoo

An awesome tattoo idea – watercolor sacred geometry tattoo. Inked on the back will look great both on man or a woman ↑.

Watercolor heart tattoo

Gorgeous watercolor belly tattoo idea for girls – a heart shape filled with cosmic cloud ↑.Abstract watercolor tattoo by georgia grey

A beautiful abstract tattoo design by Georgia Grey inked on the forearm. Awesome tattoo idea both for guys and girls ↑.

Watercolor triangle tattoo

Always be creative when getting a tattoo. Here’s an example of combining watercolor style with geometric shape and a tiny cute whale ↑.

Abstract watercolor tattoo

Another awesome abstract watercolor tattoo design. Inked over the whole arm, would look great on both men and women ↑.

Watercolor sleeve tattoo by tattooist doy

Cute watercolor airplane tattoo for a traveler. Tattoo by tattooist Doy ↑.

Watercolor disney tattoo by georgia grey

Any logo or symbol can also be tattooed in the watercolor style. Like in this example of watercolor Disney tattoo by Georgia Grey ↑.

Watercolor owl tattoo sasha unisex

Bird or animal tattoos also look amazing inked in a watercolor style. A beautiful example of watercolor owl tattoo Sasha Unisex ↑.

Don’t just copy, be creative!

There are plenty designs to choose from for a watercolor tattoo. As any tattooist would recommend – use those designs for inspiration. Not for copying and pasting it into your body. With watercolor, you can be as creative as you want! Just imagine you are painting a picture in a watercolor. The main concept of watercolor tattoos is to not limit yourself to traditional shapes, forms etc. Get creative!

Watercolor eye tattoo by frankie oneshot

Watercolor whale tattoo by ann lilya

Another watercolor eye tattoo by tyler malek

Watercolor bird tattoo by berit uhlhorn

Watercolor eye tattoo by mike shultz

Watercolor skull tattoo


Watercolor tattoos – 25 most beautiful watercolor tattoo designs
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